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NVC (Nonviolent Communication) is a practical toolkit that provides you with a set of concrete skills that you can use to communicate more effectively with others and even yourself!

There are several key areas that NVC can be applied and you can learn more about these here:


Understanding and connecting with ourselves is the basis of great communication with others.  NVC is a proven process to help you uncover the core beliefs that shape how we communicate.

With NVC you can learn how to:

  • Identify core beliefs;
  • Be empowered to make permanent changes;
  • Empathise with yourself.

Intimate Relationships

Our greatest disconnections are often with those who are closest to us.  Long term relationships often develop patterns of behaviour that can cause disconnection and pain.  Because these relationships are so important to us we really feel the hurt.With NVC you can learn how to:

  • Break unhealthy patterns of communication;
  • Really hear your partner;
  • Have your partner hear you;
  • Re-establish deep connection


No one can push your buttons quite like your own child. The good news is that connecting with children is a skill that can be learned.   When you successfully apply NVC with children you will become the model for them to emulate.

With NVC you can learn how to:

  • Really listen to what your child is saying;
  • Figure out why you get so upset;
  • Become a more patient parent


We often hear reports on bullying, violence, aggressive behaviour, stress & distinterest in learning within our school system.
NVC is a tool that we can use to get to the core of the unmet needs in these behaviours.
With NVC you can learn how to:
  • Create & ensure physical & emotional well-being
  • Develop a caring community
  • Foster co-operation & harmony
  • Resolve conflict
  • Empower students to make decisions
  • Rediscover the joy of learning


Whether you’re an adolescent frustrated that you aren’t being heard or a parent worried about losing connection, there is hope.  NVC will give you the skills you need even in the most trying of circumstances.

With NVC you can learn how to:

  • Get yourself heard;
  • Get to the bottom of disconnection;
  • Start repairing relationships


Clear communication be it in email or meetings is a technique that you can learn.  Why do others get so upset and how can you talk to them?  How do you deal with “problem people”?

With NVC you can learn how to:

  • Improve your communication
  • Understand difficult work relationships
  • Get the clarity you need


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