Karl Cooper


Karl Cooper

Karl is dedicated to helping others connect in relationship whether that is with themselves, in an intimate relationship or with whoever they are communicating with. As social beings we long to have meaningful intimate connections and yet we have often lost our way. It is my goal to help you find your way back to what I believe you long for: meaningful connection.

Karl is trained in counselling, mediation and facilitation and is a practicing relationship counsellor and trainer (see: www.relationshipcounsellingnz.com). He has been providing creative presentations for over 25 years in the UK and NZ, and started his professional career as an architect.

Karl has in recent years been deeply involved with the organisation Essentially Men, dedicated to supporting men to connect more fully with themselves and in doing so become more available to their loved ones and their community.

Non-Violent Communication for Karl presents more than a compassionate way of communicating; he sees it literally as a ‘way of being’ that powerfully connects us to ourselves and others.

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