Jocelyn Kennedy


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I have total faith in Marshall Rosenberg’s assertion that the natural state of humans is nonviolence – compassion, openness, generosity – and that it is only our conditioning that alienates us from this state and causes us to behave in ways that do harm to ourselves, each other and the planet.

I am grateful to have NVC in my life to help me to play an effective part in the creation of a world where hearts soften as we focus on the Life that is the same in all of us, and the hard edges of “you” and “me” dissolve.

My history prior to NVC facilitation included primary and secondary school teaching, Steiner education, facilitating personal growth workshops, Dances of Universal Peace, co-counselling and parenting.

Attending my first NVC workshop in 2005, I was completely hooked. Shocked at the realization of the amount of avoidable suffering in mine and others lives, and amazed and delighted to have found something to help immediately begin transforming my life and relationships, I hungrily pursued all the trainings I could. Since that time I have learned from over 30 trainers in NZ, Australia and the US, including Marshall Rosenberg, Robert Gonzales, Ike Lassiter, John Cunningham, Kelly Bryson, Linda Rysenbry and Ron Ngata.

I have offered NVC trainings in general public courses, Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Sexual Abuse organisations, schools, and with teens. I also offer one-to-one and parenting support, and couples and group NVC mediation.

In October 2013 I moved to the Far North, where I live on the land in Peria, a rural community near Kaitaia. Here I enjoy absolute simplicity and the opportunity to reflect deeply on Life. I look forward to the opportunity to bring my enthusiasm, humour and gratitude for Life, and the stillness and peacefulness of the lifestyle I am blessed with, to others who are living a more frantic pace.

I am very flexible about tailoring the structure and focus of a training or mediation to your needs. To talk to me about how, where, when and what best suits you, contact me on 027 714 5668 or

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Rumi

Feedback from Clients and Course Participants

“I am blown away by how far my partner and I have come with this course. Our relationship has transformed, he is my best friend now! I have rebuilt trust with him. Of course we all still carry some pain from what has happened, but the major shift is we are no longer compounding it, we are healing it! The way of life we had been leading for so many years had left many scars and a lot of fear and mistrust. Things don’t just magically disappear. The past needed to be properly acknowledged and worked through. This programme did just that. It has without a doubt given us the tools to stop the cycle of violence and changed ours and our children’s lives. We both sincerely hope other couples are given the amazing opportunity that we have had. “
Participant in NVC course for couples with history of domestic violence, Napier

“Jocelyn mediated a series of sessions between myself and the father of my first child after the situation between us became intensely stressful and aggressive. I found working with her incredibly valuable, and was impressed at her ability to stay connected to both our needs without “taking sides”. She was brilliant at helping us tease out the issues that we were dealing with, and throwing light on them in a way that allowed us to progress much faster than I would’ve expected. While the gentleness that one might first meet in Jocelyn was certainly a part of our sessions, she was also direct and challenging when this was required. This created a lovely balance for me in terms of my need for care, and also my need to deal with the real guts of things. In this way, I see Jocelyn as really committed to helping people face the juicy stuff that needs to be addressed for genuine change to take place.”
Meg Stone 2012

I now notice my 4 year old daughter using feeling words a lot more which as a parent makes it much easier to solve any issues. It also helps her to deal with frustration and anger more effectively by knowing what it is and acknowledging it. Like me she doesn’t always get what she wants, but the end result is so much more validating.
Sharon Jenkinson Foundation course participant, Hastings

“Jocelyn’s authenticity, lightness and humour are so inspiring. Her depth of understanding of NVC is very apparent and her ‘realness’ and regard really shine through.”
Yavanna, Hawkes Bay, Foundation course participant

“Jocelyn came to our community at a time when we were deeply divided through a conflict we didn’t know how to resolve. She facilitated an NVC foundation course and mediation sessions with the whole group, individuals and small groups. The workshop showed us that our approach to conflict was seriously flawed and would continue to create division. Instead, Jocelyn was able to demonstrate very effectively how the NVC method for dealing with conflict allows you to not only better understand your own feelings and needs but also the feelings and needs of others. This new understanding created a space within our group to empathise with each other and to reconnect. It was the beginning of a much needed healing process for our community but most importantly it gave us the skills to avoid future conflicts spiralling out of control. I would recommend Jocelyn Kennedy as an NVC instructor to any group wanting to learn new and more effective ways to deal with conflict.”
Shane, Wairoa