Irma Jager

I call the Motueka Valley, in the top of the South Island, my home.  I am the home-educating mother of three children who are in their teenage years / early twenties. I have a passion for nutrition and living a self-sufficient lifestyle… I LOVE making (and eating!) cheese. Our family owns a lifestyle farm, where we have been living co-operatively with 5 households for over a decade. This means I am well aware of the challenges and gifts of community living and this has supported my growth in authentic communication.
I first became aware of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in 2004 and have actively developed this new language through attending workshops, taking part in and leading practice groups. I have been facilitating NVC courses in the Nelson/Tasman area for the last few years and worked as a communication consultant in the business environment.
I get the opportunity to role-model authentic communication in a range of volunteer positions in community groups (e.g. as a Volunteer Fire Fighter) In my role as a health coach I  experience the magic of truly listening and giving empathy to people as opposed to giving advise and wanting to ‘fix’ someone’s problem.

I am available for one-on-one sessions (in person or through video call). For an overview of my upcoming workshops visit my facebook page:

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