Tauranga – Toni McErlane

NVC is a foundational aspect of my daily life and is a philosophy that aligns strongly with my daily mediation practice and my life values. Both my husband and I do our best to practice the principles and philosophies of NVC within our daily lives which contributes to what I experience as an authentic and connecting relationship between us. My experience practicing NVC gives me hope and trust that when we learn to understand ourselves and others, that connection and trust is inevitable.

I have been studying and teaching nonviolent communication for the last 5 years. I completed the California Bay Area NVC year long leadership program that was facilitated by Inbal Kashtan, Miki Kashtan, Roxy Manning and Francois Beausoleil and assisted Kathy Simon in two, year long Bay NVC immersion programs and the Bay Area Living Peace Retreat. I also assisted in the Vashon Island Family Camp in 2009.

I taught NVC in Sonoma county jail for three years to women incarcerated for drug related offences as part of Bay Area NVC prison program. I taught NVC as part of a three month study at San Franciso University to first year nurses. I have completed trainings with Meganwind Eoyang, Nancy Kahn, and Arnina Kashtan. Inspired by the impact that teaching NVC had in the jail I returned to school four years ago and completed a B.Sc in community and human services (Rehabilitation Counselling).

One of my favorite poets is Rabindranath Tagore. The following poem of Tagore’s continues to inspire and gives me faith that our innate wisdom if we listen to it, will guide us to a sense of unique and interconnected wholeness.

I currently have a private counselling and mediation practice in Tauranga where I support individuals, families and couples to reconnect with authenticity and care. I facilitate foundation workshops for organisations as well  community workshops.


Life’s errors cry for the Merciful beauty that can Modulate their isolation Into a harmony with the whole”


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