Christchurch – Jim Lovell-Smith

Practice Group with Jim Lovell-Smith – Every second Wednesday

NVC open practice group is held fortnightly on a Wednesday evening, from 7 to 9 pm at my home in Ilam, Christchurch. It is open to all who have attended a foundation training or have a good grasp of the basics of NVC, from for example having studied Marshall Rosenberg’s ‘A Language of Life’ main text book.

My intention in hosting this group is to provide opportunities to learn, integrate and deepen the skills of NVC in a safe, supportive environment with like minded people. A typical evening would begin with a sharing round, followed by discussion around some NVC learning point, then communication practice using real life scenarios, and finish with another sharing round.

Any who are interested in attending please contact me, Jim ph: 351 7432. email: