Welcome to our growing community of Trainers & supporters of NVC.  We are a group of people committed to the teaching, learning & growth of Nonviolent Communication awareness nationally throughout Aotearoa New Zealand & globally throughout the world.

If you are wondering how to contribute to the ongoing growth of our NVC Community – here are some ideas:

  • Put your name on the National Database to keep updated with what is happening NVC wise around the country.
  • Contribute to our quarterly newsletter with articles, educational snippets, project reports
  • Share NVC with a friend
  • Wear your Giraffe ears – listen & give empathy
  • Sign up for NVClink – give & receive empathy
  • Introduce NVC into your family
  • Get together a group of people for an NVC introduction – invite a trainer to run the intro
  • Support the organisation of an NVC workshop in our local area
  • Become an NVC Trainer
  • Attend an NVC practice group / organise and run an NVC practice group
  • Donate money to NVCANZ Trust for the ongoing support of NVC in Aotearoa-NZ – NVC Aotearoa New Zealand – Westpac Acc # 03-0642-0822006-000
  • Talk to potential funders about NVC
  • Attend local and regional NVC gatherings / workshops
  • Arrange radio interviews for NVC Trainers & supporters