Phil Toms

Phil Toms - Christchurch

Phil Toms – Christchurch


Phil has a deep passion and commitment to grow and contribute to NVC community in New Zealand.

Since his first foundation training in 2005 with Dorset Campbell-Ross, followed closely with the establishment of an NVC practice group which ran for 10 years, Phil has been passionately learning, integrating and sharing the consciousness and practice of NVC.

He also has training in co-counselling, biography work, facilitation, mediation and NVC restorative circles.

He has initiated and co-coordinated a number of NVC community events and is responsible for bringing trainers such as Ike Lasater, John Cunningham and Robert Gonzales to our shores.

A board member of the Aotearoa-NZ Charitable Trust and South-East Asia & Oceania regional group member, he supports the spread and growth of NVC in this country and values his links to like-minded people and communities in Australia and beyond.

His teachers and those who inspire him include Marshall Rosenberg, Dorset Campbell-Ross, Linda Rysenbry, Cate Crombie, Milli O’Nair, Ike Lasater, John Cunningham, Catherine Cadden & Jesse Wiens, Miki Kashtan, Robert Gonzales, Gina Lawrie and Cate Crombie.

Over the past 8 years, Phil has supported many foundation trainings.

Inspired by the work of Robert Gonzales, Phil has co-facilitated a number of workshops with Susie Spiller to share the inner work of deep self-compassion.

His adult son Sam has been his most steadfast teacher on this journey, helping to keep his feet firmly on the ground!


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