Meagan Rutherford

Christchurch, NZ


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I began learning and practicing the skills and consciousness of NVC in 2008 by supporting and co-organising many NVC foundation trainings and then by setting up and facilitating a regular practice group that continues to this day!

In 2010 I began offering my own Compassionate Communication (NVC) workshops supported by a background in English language teaching and work as a volunteer counsellor.

I have trained under CNVC certified trainers Robert Gonzales, (I’m a graduate of the 2015/2016 2 year NZ/Australia LIFE (Living Integration and Full Embodiment) programme, Cate Crombie, Gina Lawrie, Melanie Sears and John Cunningham and am very grateful for the support and inspiration from fellow NVC Aotearoa trainers.

I’m continually amazed by how this simple and fun model of communication supports connections between people, and inspires the natural compassion we are all born with. It has also been an invaluable tool in my role as a parent.

Aside from Introductory and Foundation workshops I also offer ‘one on one’, parenting and couple (NVC) coaching/empathy sessions.


To contact Meagan


Mobile: 021 169 4361 Landline 03 331 7474


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