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I am deeply grateful for the support NVC has been, and continues to be in my life.  I want to live with as much compassion, authenticity, and presence in my relationships as I can and NVC scaffolds me do this in ways that nothing else I have come across does.  NVC helps me have skills and confidence to choose and communicate what I value most; enabled to access my pause, self-connection and empathy even in challenging situations – and so have the blessed sense of contributing in the world rather than adding to the pain and suffering (which I know I am doing every time I fall into reactivity).  The practicality and accessibility of the tools of NVC together with the profound human dignity within its principles continues to fill me with hope for growing our ability to choose peace (from within and without).  It is my absolute pleasure and a privilege to be sharing with others the power of NVC.

I have been teaching NVC as high quality personal and professional development around the country since 2010.  Please contact me if you are interested in a workshop in your area or for your private group.  I regularly offer parenting and foundation workshops in Hawke’s Bay as well as providing Professional Learning Development for NZ Ministry of Education for Early Childhood Services.

I have a particular passion in sharing NVC as an empowering tool for those who teach & nurture children – and want to strengthen their abilities to meet their needs. Parenting is where NVC has made the most important difference in my life. I believe empowering children with strong internal resources is our best hope for all our futures – and that requires being the model that can provide those communication and relationship skills.

My daughters are now teenagers and I am deeply grateful for the needs based consciousness of NVC that has supported me to model these essential life skills with them. Their ability to compassionately communicate with themselves and others from a strong connection and trust in their intrinsic worth and ability is astounding – I didn’t have that at 40!  I love helping other parents & teachers to increase their ease and effectiveness with connection, communication, clear boundaries, and empathy.

I am currently part of the esteemed 2-year  NVC intensive “Living Compassion’ program with acclaimed US trainer Robert Gonzales – for my third time, and this time as Robert’s assistant in Arizona.  My own ongoing development is a personal commitment to my life as well as my work.  Over the past 13 years I have trained with many experienced NVC teachers from around the world as well as expanding my skills and awareness with other modalities (such as NVC mediation, restorative circles, Sociocracy, Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’, Dances of Universal Peace, Landmark Forum, Co-Counselling, Family constellations, Anthroposophical & Vipassana meditation).  In 2016 I attended the week long ‘Life Enriching Education’ program in New Mexico, I am currently part of the 9 month Parent Peer Leadership NVC online training and attended Kathleen McFarren and Mary MacKenzie Transitions retreat this March.  I am so grateful for all those sharing NVC  and providing opportunities for me to continually grow, and expand the quality and diversity of my own training’s – as well as being companions contributing to a more peaceful world for us all.

Other education and experience I bring to my work includes ongoing childhood development study as well as research into the roots of ‘powerlessness’.  I have a background in early childhood and I was six years taking my own children through Playcentre (very involved as; mum, treasurer, education officer & facilitator, and Association Librarian – completing level 3).  I have also studied under inspiring human development educators such as Pennie Brownlee (author of “The Sacred Urge to Play”). Supporting community and education is important to me and I still enjoy coordinating the Parents Group at the Steiner school my daughters attended. I also enjoy supporting community programs, hosting a free monthly practice group and contributing as Trustee for this NVC Aotearoa NZ Charitable Trust (providers of this website).  I have traveled extensively, have an honours degree in English Literature, a post graduate diploma in Information Systems and spent several years as an accounting clerk.  Time in nature is my favourite recharge – especially if it is with my daughters 🙂

Feedback from Filipa’s workshop participants…..

Towards the end of 2017 our kaiako community identified a need to enrich the communication skills between us, and also to strengthen our communication with parents in our kindergarten and playgroup community.  We were led to a tool; Compassionate Communication, by John Cunningham, and also Non Violent Communication (NVC) by Marshall Rosenberg.  Filipa Hope brought NVC to our community and it has had a deep and lasting impact within the relationships we have with each other, and also our wider communities.

The two day workshop was full of rich learning in how to access a language that seeks to meet each of our needs, nurturing our care and understanding for each other.  The best thing about the learning was that it spread deeper into each of our lives than we had originally imagined it would.  The way in which we talk with our families, friends, children and partners has become richer in connection.  Filipa has a way of guiding this work to meet each of the needs of the group before her, we were a varied bunch of people and each walked away taking learning with us to use in our daily lives.

The investment we made with ourselves and our time with Filipa was definitely worth it.  It’s a workshop that will change the way you look at communication with yourself and those in your lives for good.

Traceylee Hooton

Manager, FOUR SEASONS – Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten, Taupo

Thank you so much Filipa, for allowing Shayne and I to attend your NVC parenting workshop that your recently facilitated. We both feel that working alongside our Dads and families and within  Kidz need Dadz Hawkes Bay that this course will be very helpful indeed. It both meet our expectations and exceeded them. We were not prepared for how this parenting course would also spill into our own personal lives and be so useful in how we communicate within our own organisation and with others in our sector that we work in.
I would strongly recommend the course for other organisations that are involved with working alongside families in the community . What peaceful work places and communities we would have if we could all learn to communicate in this non violent way.
I wish you all the very best and look forward to working with you in the near future with the hope of you to be able to deliver a presentation to our Dads at our Dadzkare meetings.

ngā mihi

Cath & Shayne Jeffares,    Kidz Need Dadz Hawke’s Bay  July 2017

I’ve been on the planet for a good long while now.  Although I have a background in teaching and learning communication,  it was NVC or compassionate communication that I had wanted to explore at the personal level.  Finally at retirement the opportunity presented itself  through Filipa’s Foundation Course. The things that stand out about my beginnings in ‘getting my feet wet’ were how encouraged and safe I felt during the practice sessions.  This was because of Filipa’s skill in providing practical examples in everyday language…..where we worked with specifics from our own lives but only at our own pace.  In these sessions we made genuine connections with others and ourselves. I came to realize just how much ‘in my head’ my previous communication had been: the analysing  and the theorizing and the ‘trying to get it right’. This insight came through myself not through someone else critiquing my performance.  (the NVC philosophy was alive and well in the way the course was run)

Filipa is a role model for me when it comes to experiencing  compassion and authentic presence.

I have a life- long habit of smiling and being pleasant and considering the other person first. I am taking steps in learning about my own needs for genuineness and self-acceptance, but to express this in a way that still considers others.  Working with Filipa in the ‘now’ and spontaneously is exciting.

Faith Reed

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