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“The power of ‘I AM’. The words that follow define our lives. The words we choose have more consequence than fully understood, and it is worth my professional dedication to carefully explore, clarify and share”. Camelia Petrus

Words can hurt.

Some of the things that have been said to you over the years, especially those said with criticism, disrespect, shaming, anger and rejection, how did they affect your feelings, your self-confidence, self-esteem and your life?

Words can also gratify.

By understanding and unlocking the energy of empowering words we can harness the power to change our lives.

The group of words we consistently use are called habitual expressions.

To those who choose to participate in the workshops, I will demonstrate how by simply identifying and choosing to adjust our habitual expressions we create a different mental state, which can then adjust our thought processes, the way we feel, act and respond, and ultimately the way we live our lives.

My background in Psychology and the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg and the Centre for Nonviolent Communication, helped with designing workshops for schools, teenagers, couples, parents and organisations.

The workshop participants are guided through the fundamental process of adjusting their habitual expressions by accurately observing, honestly and empathetically feeling, genuinely needing and compassionately requesting.

I also organise Practice Groups, for those who choose to run-through their new habitual expressions and integrate them into their thinking processes and verbal expressions.


If you feel inspired and feel the need to be part of a workshop or want to have a workshop organised for your group please contact Camelia. Ph: 021 1036811