Anna Groves – CNVC Certified Trainer

Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer (CNVC)                     Co-founder, Renew, NZ



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“I love Anna as a facilitator; she walks the talk. I love her realness and ability to be vulnerable.” – Irma, Motueka


After discovering NVC during a significantly painful time in my life, I was struck by it’s simplicity. However, I quickly realised that it was not that easy and that it would require me to unpack all of my habitual ways of communicating, both with myself and with others. Slowly things shifted internally, and change started to take place externally. I learned to view my world differently,  focusing on connection rather than assumption. I attended over 5 introduction training’s within a year and coordinated 5 more for other trainers. I finally took the risk and began facilitating my own training’s with great support from participants. I became one of the founding members of  the NVC Aotearoa NZ Trust and co-created the South Pacific NVC gathering in 2007.

I just couldn’t get enough of NVC, which at that time I preferred to label ‘Compassionate Communication”, as it seemed less ‘violent’. Change had really started to show up in my life and in all my relationships, so I decided to work towards my certification. In 2007 I became a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer for the Centre for NVC (CNVC). I continued to run training’s nationally, both those i coordinated myself and those I was invited to.  I also made sure I kepT up with my own professional development, attending one of the last International Training’s facilitated by founder Marshall Rosenberg in Albuquerque , USA, and every retreat that I could by trainer Robert Gonzales (CNVC).

In 2015, my husband Rob and I decided to commit to Robert Gonzales 2 year LIFE program which has informed all of our work. I have continued to practice my exploration into life and connection with longings through participating in the ‘Dyad Project’, an intenational mindfulness process that is led by Swiss trainer  – Simone Anliker (CNVC). Rob and I have recently launched our business RENEW which is focused on transformation through enquiry and empathy. We also run training’s together and combine our skills to offer a deep and rich experience to all participants. I am passionate about deep listening, both in all day to day connection and as a path to healing and transforming deeply rooted beliefs that stem from trauma. I am committed to honesty and truly living my talk and I love to connect with people from all walks of life.

I really advocate sustainable training, so I offer an individual follow up session as part the training package. I also offer individual online training in the basics of NVC, and to support integration and a natural approach to transforming language. I provide mentoring for new trainers both nationally and internationally.

TRAINING:  Training’s offer an inquiry based approach to learning. Practical exercises are included that allow participants to have an embodied experience and support the full integration of the NVC model. They run over one to two days.


  • TRAINING: Focused topics – see below for upcoming, or invite me (group 12 min)
  • INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: Empathy &/or integration of the NVC model (Skype/Phone/onsite) 
  • ‘NVC TRAINER’ COACHING: Resources/coaching to become an NVC trainer