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My name is Anna, my homeland is Poland, and right now together with my family we are finding our ways around the beautiful New Zealand.

I love people. I enjoy real connection, genuine cry and an honest laugh.

I love NVC for what it continually keeps bringing into my life, challenging me on so many levels and supporting me at the same time. When I first read Marshall Rosenberg’s book I put it down confused and didn’t come back to it for a couple of years. Then I attended my first NVC introductory workshop and I was amazed how incredibly effective, beautiful and to-the-point it all was. I returned to the books and videos by Marshall Rosenberg, and then it was like discovering tools and beliefs to disentangle all the confusion I was at that point experiencing and going through.

I have attended trainings, assisted and organized others’ workshops – also invited international trainers to Poland where I come from – and then started facilitating trainings myself. One of the more powerful trainings I participated in was a year-long mediation training with Yoram Mosenzon.

It has been an incredibly joyful journey, and NVC is by far one of the most meaningful parts of my life. I have run trainings for NGOs, young social leaders in Europe, parents, teachers, couples. I have also been invited to run in-house trainings for companies and mediate disputes using NVC. I particularly enjoy workshops and sessions for parents, caregivers and teachers – motherhood is where for me NVC has had the biggest impact. I offer trainings in and around Wellington, but am open to travelling further away as well.

I also have a background in linguistics (PhD in sociolinguistics), communication, have trained and learned about child development at the Pikler Institute in Budapest and done foundational RIE training. Right now I am involved in a research project investigating conflict and peace-making in ECE settings.

Currently I am registered as a candidate for CNVC certification, and am hugely enjoying the support of Anna Groves and Sabine Geiger.

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Feedback from participants:

‘I just loved the NVC ‘From conflict to connection with children’ course.  The practical tools when put to use really really do create just that, connection with your children.  The course was completely practical and I went away able to actually make tangible changes in how I interact with my children in the everyday challenging situations.  Ania beautifully brings the material to life and challenges you to practice using the tools in a safe environment so you can go home and really use them with your family.’ Sasha, Wellington

‘Your workshop was amazing – the way that you were able to draw people to the absolute core of who we are as people, and our need for connection, our similarities underneath all the perceived differences.  I personally found it put into words so much of my experiences, and in such a simple way, that everyone was truly able to connect to and understand.  For many people in the feedback I heard the next day, it was the most powerful session of the conference.’ Cathy, TRCC, Wellington


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