HAPPY NEW YEAR .. happy new events calendar

Posted on January 1, 2019

Dear NVC Community,

Our website calendar is changing...


During the 2018 year we’ve been considering that the NVCANZ Trust website calendar, which has served our community well over the past 8 years, might be due for an upgrade.  

So when an alternative calendar was recommended to Phil some time ago, he began looking into it’s functionality in preparation for trialling on our website.  A trial was thought wise in order to test the suitability to promote trainings and events offered by the Aotearoa-NZ community of independent NVC trainers.

The value envisaged in switching to the events calendar are:
Aesthetically a more contemporary look and better functionality
For each event, there is a broader base which includes graphics, organiser, google location map/google map link and other features
The free version (showing currently) has search, month and list views available
An extended option includes a filter bar to allow searches to be viewed in different ways. eg. date, cost, location, organiser, type, etc.  This option are not currently available in our free version however can be added at a later date
There are a number of advanced functionality add-ons which could be included at a later date

Over the next 2-3 months the new calendar will show on the home page, replacing the previous calendar. 
As feedback is valued in order to understand the experience of website users, would you be willing to check it out on our home page and  place your feedback here?



In Gratitude

Phil Toms

NVCANZ Webmaster

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