About NVCANZ Trust

Angus Wall

The idea of an NVC Aotearoa New Zealand organisation was birthed in the Hawkes Bay by Angus Wall, Jocelyn Kennedy and Filipa Hope. In February 2009, a group of 14 NVC Trainers & supporters met at the Sharda Centre along with Ron Ngata, and discussed the idea of setting up the organisation as a Charitable Trust. Angus Wall left that meeting and created & submitted the documentation required to create the Charitable Trust. We are very proud that NVCANZ (NVC Aotearoa New Zealand) has been a registered charity since January 2010.

At Sharda, Tuakau, Auckland – 2009

Jocelyn Kennedy, Angus Wall and Filipa Hope were the founding Trust Board Members. If you’d like to know who is on the current board then Meet the Board


We have a lofty ambition: Compassionate Connection Thriving in Aotearoa-NZ.

There is an old saying that change occurs one person at a time; and if  enough individuals communicate with compassion and empathy then we can truly make a difference in our communities; be that at work, at home or wherever we interact with others (or even ourselves).


To make our vision achievable we have a mission:

The NVCANZ Charitable Trust liaises with & supports the NVC Trainers of Aotearoa NZ, being a point of contact for National & International interest in sharing & learning the skills of NVC.

There are many ways of practicing empathy in our lives; NVC is one very practical skill that forms the basis of our mission. Introducing NVC to as many people as possible will allow individuals to start making the changes necessary to collectively change our communities.  This is is also about empowerment so that people are not dependent on others, individuals have the ability within themselves and NVC is one way of unlocking this potential. Aims: There are a number of trainers offering courses around the country.  Each trainer is ultimately legally responsible for their own training and NVC Aotearoa NZ is not a governing body. As an umbrella organisation we can help find funding opportunities to operate training courses throughout the country using our collective of trainers. We can act as a central point for communication about NVC and coordinate national initiatives.

  • Our aims / services are as follows:
  • A National Website.
  • Point of Contact for the public – referral service.
  • Source & secure funding for projects as per our strategic plan.
  • Support Trainers to submit funding applications to secure funding & meet funding requirements.
  • Support the marketing of local & regional training, and other events.
  • Support, market and encourage national & local trainers gatherings.
  • Elicit ongoing feedback & suggestions via phone discussion, survey monkey, etc.
  • Invite & encourage trainers to contribute to the trust by: becoming a trust board member, functional/general circle member, tithing, contributing to monthly newsletter, supporting local & national events.
  • Be a point of contact for up & coming trainers to discuss how to move forward with becoming a trainer.
  • The Trust encourages, supports & contributes to the Annual Trainers Gathering.

Disclaimer: This website contains an informal collective of NVC Certified (via CNVC) and Independent Trainers holding legal responsibility for their own offerings.