Restorative Circles

With Susie Spiller

Every second Tuesday 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Earthsong, Ranui

Join us to discover an inspiring practical application of NVC that is being
used around the world to create reconciliation, peace and civility among
people who are in conflict — Restorative Circles.

Participants will have a chance to observe a circle, participate in a
simulated one, and build basic communication skills that are helpful in
creating shared understanding, reconciliation and the ability to live among
others who have stimulated pain for them.

Developed by NVC trainer Dominic Barter in Brazil, Restorative Circles are
being used around the world to provide a safe and constructive place for
people to address their conflicts without resorting to coercion,
manipulation, punishment or violence.


A Restorative Circle is a community process for supporting those in
conflict. It brings together the three parties to a conflict ? those who
have acted, those directly impacted and the wider community ? within an
intentional systemic context, to dialogue as equals.

Participants invite each other and attend voluntarily. The dialogue process
used is shared openly with all participants, and guided by a community
member. The process ends when actions have been found that bring mutual

Restorative Circles are facilitated in three stages designed to identity the
key factors in the conflict, reach agreements on next steps, and evaluate
the results. As a circle form, they invite shared power, mutual
understanding, self-responsibility and effective action.

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