Westmere – Auckland

Practice Group in Westmere, Auckland – we meet every second Monday from 7 – 9 pm in Westmere. Anyone who has done NVC training is invited to join. Cost is $5 per person.

Established on the back of a long-running practise group in South Auckland, this practise group runs every second Monday 7-9pm at Kotare House, Westmere.

  • We typically begin with an empathy sharing circle round, with or without reflection.
  • Practise session – this is where we open the floor for those who wish to offer or receive support from the group with a challenging experience or to celebrate life in it’s fullness and be witnessed by others. The primary focus being practising how we are able to navigate everyday situations in NVC  consciousness. A secondary benefit  for the participant, and often others in the circle, is the healing experienced when we are willing to meet and compassionately embrace  life in this way.
  • Check-out  – Celebrations & Mournings


We use a variety of mediums – Feelings/Needs cards, NVC Dance Floors, Empathy rounds, Role play.


The evening has a loose structure however we work primarily with “what’s alive” and generally experience an organic flow to the evening and a sense of safety, trust and deep connection.


Members are welcome to attend once they have completed a 2 day foundation training or equivalent.


Cost: $5 to cover venue expenses


Please contact Ruby if you wish to come along  ruby.red.moon@gmail.com

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