Our Website is Live! – in gratitude

Posted on October 6, 2011

The new NVCANZ (NVC-Aotearoa-New Zealand) website is now live!

Many, many hours have done into the creation of this site, with many people contributing time, energy, suggestions, encouragement & chocolate (a human need?)

Firstly a gratitude to Sophia La Toa who has designed, built & hosted our National Website over the last few years.  Your tireless contribution has supported the Trainers & Community of Aotearoa to get NVC out there!

Then a  gratitude to Angus Wall for hours & hours of foundational work (business case, developer liason, contribution to content, encourager) in the development of this site.

Gratitude to Kylea Parker of Lucid Design who is the designer & host of this site. Kylea, your clarity, talent & light, willingness & light playfulness has made much of this easy.

Gratitude to Sam & Phil Toms who have contributed to navigation, design & photos … not to mention encouragement, excitement & learning!

Gratitude to Anna Groves who has contributed suggestions & photos to the site. I am still relishing in your excitement today as you looked at how far this site had come since you last went on.

Gratitude to all the of our NVC NZ Trainers who have contributed bios, information, flyers & constant encouragement & acknowledgement.

Gratitude to Deb Hipperson (who is writing this post) … its been a ride & a very steep learning curve of many hours of work – contribution of content, design & uploading of information. Not to mention phone calls, skype & copious emails!

A gratitude to our families who have put up with our heads down, our jackalling aloud when something doesn’t work –  for your constant love & support.

and … a final gratitude to YOU … the reader of this post – without you, NVC would remain within us … with you, NVC is out there – creating a richer, rewarding and connected community.


Deb Hipperson


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